Excel 2000 Crashes when loading

This is an issue I’ve seen often, and today is no exception. I had a user with this issue on Excel. The problem is that Excel will not open at all. In the past I had attempted a repair install, which did not work then I followed up with a Full uninstall and reinstall, and again that did not work.

The fix I had found, and ever since then have used successfully is to locate and delete a file named Excel.XLB. You may have to enable the ability to see hidden files and folder to find this file. You might be thinking right now, “Why did an uninstall and reinstall not work?”

Well, let me explain, Excel.XLB is not installed with Office and is not removed with Office. It is created the first time you open Excel. When this file becomes corrupt, you can no longer open Excel, so by deleting the file, Excel just creates a new one and BAM! You are back in the game. Similar fixes are reported with Word and Outlook with files like Normal.Dot for word and Outcmd.Dat. To be honest, I have yet to test if Microsofts Office 2000 Erase utility will solve this issue. Why bother when deleting Excel.Xlb is far easier.

Microsoft’s Office 2000 Erase utility removes files and registry entries that the standard uninstall does not. These utilities can be found at the following locations.

CD 1

CD 2

To this day I have not run into this problem with later versions of Office. I will be writing about if I do though.

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