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Microsoft exam 71-652: Virtualization

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

Virtualization is becoming a topic of increasingly popular discussion. This is because the technology offers great potential for cost savings. My blog today is about Virtualization (obviously). More to the point, I am going to be discussing my experience with beta testing the New Virtualization exam by Microsoft. First, a quick introduction to Virtualization for those who know nothing about it.

New Leightronix

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Well, what can I say? We finally replaced our aging Mini-T Pro Leightronix with a new Mini-T Net at work today. So, what is this and how is it Information Technology related? Well, the leightronix is a device that switches between different broadcast outputs. For instance, most of the time I use a digital signage program called Scala to broadcast a bulletin board to the public. Think of this almost like a Power point presentation. So what about the times that I need to broadcast something else? Let’s say, I want to broadcast a city council meeting or a re-broadcast of the meeting. How can I easily switch between broadcast sources? The answer is by using a leightronix switcher.

5.1 surround sound setup

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

I bought a new surround sound system for my home theater setup at home. I already have the TV centered, the center speaker behind the TV, the Left and Right speakers at even height and distance from the center and the rear speakers at even heights and as close to even distance from viewers sitting area as possible. I had this all setup from my last system. I now only had one thing left to do, tweak my delay and speaker balance!

An old roommate of mine had the brilliant idea to use the movie Ghost Ship to tweak the sound. You know that scene at the beginning where the cable snaps? Yeah, that sound start at the rear left speaker and works it’s way around the room! Works wonders for setting the delay! After that is all setup, I throw in Jurassic Park! Watch the scene where it’s raining and make sure it sounds like it is raining outside! That’s when I know I have it! I also watches the series if lightning flashes and thunder to go with it, to double check my delay.