Server+ 2009 Beta

Today I took the SK1-003 exam.  The exam is in many ways exactly what it should be. To give you an example of what I mean, take a look at the Exam description.

 CompTIA Server+ 2009 Description

The part that I want to highlight the most out of that description is the Work Experience (18 -24 months). I can definitly see someone who has worked in the field for that long being able to pass this exam with little to no book time.

I felt that the exam was easy, even without being familiar with some of the technologies, I think I probably walked out of that exam with at least 85%… I will admit that I will be very embarrassed in a few months if I find out that I failed the exam. I have been working as an all around IT guy at my job for 9 years…. I work on a lot of server equipment, this is why I thought it felt easy.

CompTIA Server+ 2009  Objectives

Most of the questions for this exam seemed straight forward, but I did comment on a number of questions that I thought were vague or could have better answers. I think I commented on more questions for this BETA than on all the others I’ve ever taken combined. It’s not because there was that much wrong with it though. The reasons I think include:

  • I was familiar and comfortable with a lot of the technologies on this exam
  • I was able to appreciate some “trick” questions and comment that I liked the difficulty
  • There were some vague questions, I made it known that I was not sure if I was right, because the question could imply multiple things
  • I made suggestions for better answers

Due to NDA, I will not discuss any examples of questions, but I will say that the Objectives in the link above are pretty accurate.  If you are preparing for this Beta, or eventually the Public release, I think it would be helpful to go through that Objective link and make sure you know everything in it.

Good luck to everyone taking this! I’ll try to remember to come back to this post in a few months when the scores are released!


I did pass the beta with a fairly high score. It seems to me that CompTIA is pretty accurate in assessing the “Work Experience” focused toward this exam. I’ve been working on servers for around 10 years now and this exam suggests that the certification is equivalent to 2 years of knowledge. I would say that someone working in a server environment for 2 years should have no problem passing the exam, although a study guide (I prefer Sybex) wouldn’t hurt. Heck you might even learn something new.

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