71-680: Windows 7 Beta exam

 Do NOT take this exam for granted!

I just got back from the testing center…. I have to be honest, I think there is a good chance I failed this one. It was tough! I think coming off fresh from the Vista exam, allowed me to make the mistake of underestimating this exam.

I have 2 major regrets about this exam. The first is not having a 2008 Domain Environment with Windows & clients to play with. The other thing I regret, is really my own fault, but I should have spent a lot more time with the new features.

I watched all the videos posted in the resource link here, but I got lazy when it came to reading for this exam. I think that again, I misjudged how hard this exam was going to be.

The exam objectives are listed on here. That is a great place to start. I can tell you right now that I should have focused more on the following:

BitLocker To Go

I knew enough about these feature to be dangerous. LOL. Watching the Video presentations on these technologies alone, in most cases only lead me to a 50/50 shot of answering the question… In the other cases, I drew a blank.

I felt comfortable with 60% of the test
I narrowed down between 2 options on about 15% of the test
The rest of the test… I honestly and regrettably didn’t know.

If I end up passing this one, it will be 60% know how and the rest… Dumb Luck.

Good luck to everyone taking this exam!


I never did post back on this, since I’m in an updating mood today I figured that I would address this. I did not pass this Beta, but I did end up picking up the Sybex book for the Windows 7 exam and studied for a good month and passed the live exam. The new features in Windows 7 (Especially in the corporate environment) are actually pretty amazing and worthwhile.

I also took a couple of Beta exams for the Windows 7 desktop support and enterprise administrator. I passed both of those Beta exams.

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