A little detective work can go a long way!

So, today I was continuing to try and resolve an issue with upgrading 3 client computers to a new version of Application Xtender. The old version, 5.25 has to be removed before 5.40 can be installed. No big deal right? I mean it asks you in the installer to remove the old version, which had worked fine on all the clients to this point.

The last 3 clients, that I needed to install this update on however, did not cooperate with me very well. When I got to the screen that wanted me to remove 5.25, instead of saying ApplicationXtender 525 in the selection box, I got something likethe following.. ª^óÉöª

Yikes! I’m not sure I’ve heard of that program! How do you pronounce that anyway? The error that followed was a Windows Installer Error that I’ve seen a few times before.   I tried using the Windows Installer Cleanup tool, but that didn’t help. I then tried reinstalling the old version, then removing it through Add/Remove Programs, this again was no help when attempting to run the 5.40 install.

I actually caught a lucky break on the 3rd computer though. Instead of showing symbols, it showed me an ID that I could find in the Registry. {FEF9530E-47C7-4E15-B423-6281B13F5FFC}. Please note, this is not the actual ID that I had seen.  Anyway, I tracked this key down to the HKEY Local Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Uninstall. The only thing under this key was the following information.

“RegOwner”=”Owner Name”
“RegCompany”=”Company Name”

I made a quick export of the key, then I deleted it. After that the Install ran perfectly. I went to the other 2 computers, not know which series of characters to look for in the Registry, I went with the only ones that had just the 3 strings in it like above and deleted that key (While making a backup first of course). This worked on all 3 clients!

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