CCNA Access-List practice lab

The following is a lab I created using Packet Tracer 5.2 for the purpose of learning Access Lists.

network topology

Here is the scenario:

You are a Network Administrator for a small company, you have been given the task of securing access to several areas of the network. In addition, you have been asked to provide routing via OSPF. The IT router should be the DR.  To secure access, you have been given the following instructions.  1. Disallow access from the IT-Level2 network, Sales Network and Marketing Network to the Finance Server 2. Do not allow host to access host 3. Allow only HTTP traffic to server except from the Tech Networks 4. Allow Tech-Level 1 access to the Tech-Level 2 network 5. Deny host access to 6. Deny the sales network access to 7. Deny the Marketing netowrk access to 8. Deny the research network FTP access to 9. Only allow telnet to the IT router from the IT network 10. Setup DHCP pools on routers where needed

You will need the latest Packet Tracer for this lab. I will not provide the program for download, if you are a Cisco Networking Academy student/alumni then you have access through the academy website to download the program.

I will post a reply to this post at a later date with the configurations for anyone interested in the answers.

Download Lab Activity Here

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